The modern market is oversaturated with all kinds of offers. Our field of activity is no exception. That is why we strive not only to provide high-quality service, but also to pleasantly surprise customers with their cost.

We are proud that for almost so many years of impeccable work, we have been trusted not only by dozens of enterprises and organizations, but also by individuals. Today we are ready to offer:

cleaning of offices, cottages, apartments and entrances;
restoring order after repairs;
dry cleaning of upholstered furniture;
cleaning with special detergents or carpet washing;
washing facades and windows;
services of industrial climbers;
tinting of glass elements of buildings;
landscaping of adjacent territories (including pruning of trees and shrubs, removal of efflorescences, cleaning);
snow removal from roofs and courtyards;
removal of construction and household garbage, solid waste, snow.
All work is carried out by experienced employees who know their business well.

What is the difference between a cleaning service employee and a cleaner?

The cleaning lady’s inventory is a bucket, a mop and rags (in limited quantities, as a rule). The company, which provides cleaning services to clients, provides employees with modern equipment and inventory. Powerful high-performance equipment allows you to achieve impressive results in cleaning.

Cleaning, detergents
The cleaning lady has a limited set of detergents at her disposal. Regular cleaning involves washing all surfaces with one or two universal means. The effectiveness of such cleaning is highly questionable. Employees of cleaning companies use a whole arsenal of cleaning products in cleaning; for each type of contamination and type of surface – separate means.

Professional cleaning ensures perfect cleanliness of surfaces and competent care for them.

The cleaner has no special knowledge about the features of cleaning different types of surfaces, coatings.

A cleaner is an unskilled worker who, by his wrong actions, can spoil the surface being cleaned or reduce the service life of the coating!!!

Employees of cleaning companies are allowed to work only after completing training (theoretical and practical), during which they gain experience working with all types of contamination and all types of surfaces!

Cleaning time
The usual (in the usual sense) cleaning is possible only at a predetermined working time. This is not always convenient for the employer. Professional cleaning services are provided to clients at any time convenient for them, including weekends and holidays, early and late hours of the day.

The ability to perform complex types of cleaning.
These include: removing stains from furniture and carpets, dry cleaning of upholstered furniture, washing facades and other types of work. A cleaner or a cleaning service cannot do complex types of cleaning due to the lack of special equipment and inventory, cleaning products and experience.

Customers who choose cleaning instead of cleaning will not have to put up with the fact that a number of works at the facilities remain unfulfilled, and order them separately! A distinctive feature of any cleaning company is providing customers with a full range of cleaning services, including labor–intensive and complex types of work.

Labor productivity
Due to the lack of modern equipment and inventory, the cleaning speed of the cleaner is low. Employees of cleaning services, who have professional cleaning equipment and inventory at their disposal, can cope with significant amounts of work in a short time.

For an ordinary cleaner, it is old unsightly clothes in which it is not a pity to work. Cleaning staff are provided with workwear – modern comfortable things of decent appearance in a single style.

The presence or absence of workwear is important when visitors, customers, and clients see the employees responsible for cleanliness, when cleaning falls during the working hours of a warehouse, office, or retail space.

Cleaners in decent clothes are an additional plus to the image of the organization!


Thus, it is obvious: the difference between cleaners in the usual sense and employees of cleaning companies is very large. What to choose: cleaning or regular cleaning? Everyone decides for himself.

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